Simple Jira Story Estimations for Remote Developers

Estimate together anywhere in realtime and synchronize with Atlassian Jira.

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Import stories from Jira Cloud

Get a quick overview of all stories and select the ones to estimate.

Screenshot selecting stories to estimate

Moderate a session

Lead a session by selecting the current story every team member should estimate.

Screenshot moderating a session

Provide estimations

All team members see the same story. Choose a card for the estimated effort: XS, S, M, L or XL. It works great on mobile too.­čô▒

Screenshot estimating stories

Save estimations in Jira Cloud

Estimations are stored in Jira automatically. No hassle.

Screenshot storing estimations in Jira

Peace-of-mind as a service

A simple tool with simple pricing.

Unlimited members, stories and session

Only pay per agile board, don't worry about any other costs.

Automated team management

No invites needed, just log in with your Atlassian account.

"Datensparsamkeit" only necessary data is stored

Data that is not needed anymore gets automatically cleaned up.